Monday, February 16, 2015


Another couple of weeks has gone by and there is much to report from the battle's front.  First off the main army was slightly delayed due to the fact that I recruited a new general to help govern the newly captured land on the main island.  Kira Norikane was immediately made the new Finance Commissioner.  He joined the main army and they sailed to the main island and took Bessho clan by complete surprise.  There was some attrition due to the winter time being in full force there, but the first castle was taken by overwhelming force.  The castle was called Bingo and that's what the invading armies shouted when they took the castle (they didn't, but that's what I imagine they did). There were minimal losses and my forces decided to wait out the winter and rest up before they set out again to conquer.

                                                              (My armies in position)

My spies have reported that the next region over has been completely abandoned by the enemy so my newest general Kira is sent to take the province of Soja.  He does it without losing a single man.  So then he goes straight over to the enemy's home castle and quickly takes it without their main army being aware of what had happened.  So within a few days of this capture, the main army arrives to find out that their home castle has been taken by my armies.

With nowhere else to go the enemy general Amano Kazutoyo tries to take the castle by force, but fails miserably.  My missile units were stationed on the walls while my swordsmen and spear men stood at the base of the fort.  While the enemy was engaged with my forces on the ground my archers and matchlock gunners were able to pick off his troops without mercy.  When the battle was over in a few minutes the enemy lost 600 men while my own forces only suffered 60 losses.  A tremendous victory for Kira Norikane.  The Bessho clan was wiped out and the victorious Chosokabe clan took over management of those regions.  My own young son of 14 years, Chosokabe Motochika, is inspired by this victory and decides it is time for him to take up the sword and help lead my armies to victory in Japan.

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